About: Llew Adamson

Expert understanding of Technology and Systems as a Business Function of Financial Services Industries. I have 18 years enterprise financial systems experience across multiple financial services industry sectors (retail banking, payments, capital markets, personal finance, insurance, asset management). During those 18 years, I have held various roles including executive management, operational, product development, strategy development and implementation, engagement and talent management. I have completed over 150 engagements, which have ranged from quick wins (1-3 months executive advisory type) to multi-year, multi-million dollar programs.

Projects: Current Work

Route Logix (COO)

Route Logix is a global provider of payments processing software. The basis for Route Logix's value proposition is our ability to provide end-to-end payment systems that can be quickly adapted to specific requirements. These in-house solutions provide a competitive advantage to our clients whilst allowing them to remain compliant with ever-changing regulations and specification variations.

MyGate Global (CTO)

MyGate is a leading payment solutions provider based in South Africa and about to launch in the UK market.

moola4u (CEO)

moola was founded in 2011 and is a cloud based app that connects 2 very different population segments. By using the power of existing social networks, real-life connections and a simple mobile phone, moola4u allows an informal worker to register their skills. Our unique matching and scoring algorithms then matches the informal worker to a job provider that has a need. As the informal worker's reputation score increases, they will be able to access advanced features such as resume builder and crowd-sourced based financing.

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